Interface design for an emergency warning framework

Client Work
Interaction Design Lab - FH Potsdam
Fraunhofer Fokus
Design Team
Tom Haake
Philipp Geuder
Lionel Michel

In 2013, Fraunhofer Fokus commissioned the Interaction Design Lab and us to develop a consistent user interface for their emergency service KatWarn. Over the years we designed an iOS application and transferred the design guidelines to Android, Windows Phone, Smart Watches and Web-Plugins. Furthermore, we created an initial concept for an urban information system for various public display sizes and resolutions. The latter was then picked up by the Wall AG and transformed into an initial prototype deployed in Berlin.

KatWarn design for windows phone KatWarn design for windows phone KatWarn ios and apple watch design KatWarn design for web widgets KatWarn design for public displays


VISLAB is transforming data and information into engaging interactive experiences: from data visualisations, to interactive exhibits, to information portals. Throughout our process: from ideation, to conception, to development, we are taking advantage of user-centered design and user research principles, trying to align innovative technological solutions with actual user needs. Beyond project conception and development, we are also consulting clients and organizing workshops on user-centered design and data visualization.

Sebastian Meier is the founder and lead of VISLAB. Sebastian has a background in Design, HCI and Data Visualisation. He teaches at HafenCity University Hamburg as a guest professsor, is one of the founders of Maptime Berlin and is heading the German Cartographic Society's commission for cartography and research.

Most of VISLAB's projects are collaborations with a network of research institutes, companies and experts across the domains of design, web-development, data science and visualisation.